It is heart warming to see in the internet that Sri Lanka’s University of Peradeniya has been ranked as one of the ten most beautiful universities in the world. I am not at all surprised; and am proud to say that it was my good fortune to graduate from this prestigious university in 1963.

The University Park is incredibly beautiful and the view from the Hanthana mountains bordering the campus is out of this world. During April and May the green landscape turns into a riot of colour because the flowering trees are in bloom; and the view is incredibly breathtaking; it is such a rare sight.

Sir Ivor Jennings the first vice – chancellor of this university who subsequently became the vice-chancellor of the University of Cambridge, which incidentally ranks number one in this ranking, took a lot of pains to make Peradeniya a world class university. At that time not only was this university scenic and beautiful, but with regard to the residential facilities (which included top quality meals), academic standards, quality of academic staff, and respect it commanded, it was a great university.

Incidentally, the setting for my recently published novel, Unwashed Guavas: The Epic Love Story is this beautiful campus; my book does not fail to highlight the spectacular scenic beauty of this university. What a coincidence!

It is time that the authorities did everything possible to restore its old glory. If they fail to do so it’s a shame.

(Image source: Pinterest)


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