Esbe Balalle was born in Sri Lanka in 1941and he graduated from University of Ceylon in 1963. Having been a teacher for four years, he became a banker and held the positions of Chairman, Director and CEO in several banks and financial institutions. In 2006, he migrated to England as a highly skilled migrant. He is married with three children and six grand children. Presently he lives in Sri Lanka.

His university life, working with diverse people and living overseas provided him with wide experience relating to human nature which, he believes, is a prerequisite for a novel.

He had a childhood dream of writing fiction but work pressure resulted in a delayed start. Eventually he completed writing his debut novel, Unwashed Guavas: The Epic Love Story and published it November 2016 as an e-book.

Unwashed Guavas is semi-autobiographical. However, the author has introduced mystery and paranormal phenomena to make the story riveting, suspenseful and captivating. The story spans three generations and covers a period of over 100 years.

The setting for most part of the novel is the breathtakingly beautiful University Campus of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka. The other setting is the scenic county of Surrey where the author lived for some time.

Unwashed Guavas has multiple themes:

• Leading a virtuous life is rewarding as well as gratifying.
• True, selfless and enduring love eventually wins.
• Effective, genuine and benevolent leadership can change the world dramatically.

He is presently planning, collecting material and doing research for his next novel.